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Season 1 Premiere on OUTtv

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DEKA-LOG: a Finding Me story has begun filming this fall, and here is your first look at one of the series chapters. ‘Talks With Myself’ is centered around former Finding Me character ‘Morris Chadway,’ played by Kenyon L. O’Brien. The last time we saw Morris, he was laying on the couch with Faybien. Well, by this picture (above) it looks like Morris has met someone new. Meet Bryce, played by newcomer Jamal Harrington. For more follow DEKA-LOG on OmeProTV, Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for more.



“OmeProTV’s DEKA_LOG: a Finding Me story” has officially added actors to the shows roaster. These familiar faces are alums from Finding Me the Series reprising their roles in the new spin-off series slated to air in 2017.


Austin Michael Young (“Vesuvius”) has joined the cast to reprise his role as James Wright, a New York DJ is freshly broken up and ready to mingle.

“Fans of Finding Me the Series will remember how James cheated on Tammy with her best friends girlfriend Kim in the series finale, “Tying Loose Ends,” well his story picks up a short time after the events of that story,” said Executive Producer/Show Runner Roger S. Omeus Jr. “Austin’s a great talent, performer and addition to the series. James is a character that really didn’t get his due in FMS. I plan on changing that in this series.”



Brigid Turner (“For a Dark Skin Girl”) will reprise her role as PR Rep Danielle Spencer. When last we saw her, she “deflowered” Finding Me’s Faybien Allen. ” I was thrilled when Brigid agreed to do this project. Not only is she a great actress, but she is a fellow film maker who understands the struggles of creating a series from the ground up.” She directed, wrote and produced her own series (“For a Dark Skin Girl”).


Kenyon L. O’Brien (“Triangle”) is returning as Finding Me heartthrob Morris Chadway. “Kenyon was actually the first actor I reached out to when I was developing the story. His enthusiastic response gave me the courage to do this,” said Omeus. “He’s a great performer and perfect addition to this new series.”


Dan Cathcart (“Insecure”) will reprise her role as Joy Chadway, Morris’ ex-wife. “We had plans to explore her character’s unique dynamic with  her ex husband in season 2 of FMS, but never had a chance to tackle that story. I am excited for the opportunity to do that now,” Roger continues, “Dan is a great mix of funny and dramatic. I can’t wait to film this story.”


Dustin Fredric Ross (“The Skinny,” “The Friend Zone”) returns as bad boy Jerome Beaumont. ” If you missed the last episode of Finding Me the Series, “Tying Loose Ends,” then you missed a break out performance by this talented actor. Again, Jerome is another character we had plans to flesh out throughout season 2 of the series, and now I have a chance to do so.”

Also returning are actors Parish Bradley (Detective Leslie Powell), John Ramos (Ramon), King David (Uncle Junior) and possibly some surprises we are not yet at liberty to reveal.

Deka-Log looks into love/hate, truth/lies, tragedy/drama from the perspective of a group of unique characters. Created and executive produced by Roger S. Omeus Jr, this ten story series is also produced by Sontaia P.k. Briggs. Head Writer Roger S. Omeus Jr. Writers Marlon Wallace, Danielle Mooney and Christopher Weaver as a consultant.

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Spin-Off Event


The Producers of FINDING ME THE SERIES presents DEKA-LOG. DEKA-LOG is a minisode series event that takes place in the world of the popular web-series FINDING ME SERIES. 

DEKA-LOG presents ten stories or accounts of the life, journey and struggle of some of the lesser known characters in the FINDING ME world. The minisode series will feature ten episodes depicting the love/hate, truth/lies, tragedy/adventure of these characters as they confront and inform the audience on some of our greatest struggles: self-discovery and self-affirmation. 
Stay tuned for more information and visit for the behind the scenes action on the making of this series.

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